“Madonna” Treatment at Skinhouse Laser

I never realised the amount of time and energy raising a child would take until I gave birth to Baby Jake Dean five months ago. Literally since then, even throughout my pregnancy, I haven’t really been able to spare time to pamper myself to facials and spa treatments. Needless to say, it’s long overdue!

I don’t get facials often, and recently my skin hasn’t been in the best condition due to lack of sleep, fatigue from work, etc! My friends encourage me to take care of myself more, especially as I explore motherhood because we tend to forget ourselves and prioritise all others.

I came across Skinhouse Laser online and have been pondering on when I can possibly drop by to give it a try. Finally, my attempt came through yesterday. They currently have three clinics – Quezon City, Kapitolyo, and BGC. I visited the newest branch in BGC, conveniently located at the lower ground floor of the W City Center in 7th Avenue.

I was warmly greeted by the staff upon entry. And fortunately since they had a shoot ongoing in their welcome lounge at the time, the operations manager Joanne Yu-Ng, and marketing/PR manager Charissa Sevilla were on duty in the clinic. Both were so pleasant and accommodating as well.

I consulted with them about my current skin condition… generally very haggard from work. They mentioned a few of their best selling services, which included the Madonna Oxylight Treatment, the Revlite Beauty (mostly for treating blemishes and dried pimple marks), Angel White (for whitening dark spots).

I opted for the Oxylight ‘Madonna’ Treatment, apparently named after Madonna because the procedure is relaxing with no down time (because there’s no pricking), and her favourite to do the day before big Hollywood events. (What a nice selling point, right?) They recommend this treatment for dull skin that needs rejuvenating, which is what I needed. PLUS this procedure, as with many facial treatments, is safe for breastfeeding moms like me! Do always ask your OB and pediatrician beforehand!

The service involves a six-step process (apparently seven steps for those with acne). The therapist assigned to me, Rose, first washed and removed my makeup before everything, then proceeded to the first procedure.

(1) Diamond Dermabrasion – this was done using a tool with rubbery texture (but comfortable and did not tug) which she slid across different parts of my face up to my neck. It’s meant to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, as well as improve blood circulation (I wouldn’t know how it actually enhanced mine, but I can swear my skin felt so clean and rested). Rose showed me the dead skin cells that were absorbed by the filter afterwards.

I’ve tried Diamond Peeling facials before, but this one did not feel harsh at all on the skin.

(2) Lymphatic Cleansing – this part eliminates unwanted toxins from the body and improves tissue function by running the tool over “nodes” in different part of my face. Not sure where those nodes are, but it’s supposed to open and clear it. I can say this process felt more like a massage than anything. So facial massage with benefits get a thumbs up from me!

(3) High Pressure Oxygen Spray – before spraying my face with oxygen, Rose first applied an organic anti-aging serum for hydration. The oxygen spray then helps to lock the serum in, and of course help my skin breathe.

(4) Biosonix (Ultrasound) Sapphire – Rose painted my face with a some more serum, which she called the Sapphire Gel, before using the ultrasound laser on my face. The actual tool that she glided on my face had a spectrum of Led Light colours, each one apparently with its own unique function. The BLUE light to address problems caused by oily and acne prone skins, RED for anti-aging, YELLOW to treat freckles and malasma, and GREEN for brightening. The ultrasound waves, on the other hand, makes the Sapphire gel penetrate the skin better to help renew and repair damaged cells. The Sapphire part took about ten minutes overall.

(5) Myolight ELD – I’m not sure what ELD means, but the tool Rose used for this part also included the same spectrum of Led lights, except with a negligible micro current feeling. The micro currents are meant to gives an instant facial contour and lift by stimulating the facial muscle. No doubt, I felt my skin tighten in an instant!

(6) FULL SPECTRUM LED PANEL –  finally, this last step required me to wear goggles to protect my eyes from the bright led lights. This part was interesting because they positioned a LED panel to hover over my face that produced both light and released oxygen simultaneously. The objective of this final process is to stimulate collagen and reduce redness.

The full 6-in-1 Madonna treatment took about an hour to complete, and I loved how smooth my skin felt afterwards. The skin in my jaws were tightened, resulting to a naturally contoured appearance, while my pores looked smaller. Moreover, my face felt like it went on a full on work out (like the benefits from working out minus the sweating and getting tired part), as though my stress and toxins were lifted.

I told Skinhouse Laser that I looked forward to coming back and blessing my face with the Madonna treatment again. They say for ideal results, they suggest coming back every four weeks as the benefits and effects it leaves on the skin should last for at least a month or longer!

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