MegRhythm Eye Mask

I was on my laptop all week because of work, and I already felt the strain in my eyes. I’ve been wanting to try the MegRhythm steam eye mask again since I first used it a few days before my wedding back in February. And last night seemed like the right time to finally wear it again.

According to my optometrist, Achi Biane of Maxon Eye Clinic, warm compress is very good for easing muscle spasms and stress in the eyes. Instead of heating up a hot compress and risking exposing my eyes to temperature that might be too hot and do more harm than good, I opted for MegRhythm. The MegRhythm eye mask is at the perfect warmth of 40 degree Celsius and cools down over time.

The packaging recommends leaving mask on the eyes for ten minutes. It’s for one time use only, so I maximized usage; it doesn’t stay warm forever. In photo above, my sister’s cat is curious what I might be up to.

The packaging is cool. But upon opening the product, I could feel the mask heating up automatically. It comes with ear straps that are super convenient, preventing it from sliding off no matter what resting position I take.

I felt so relaxed I was ready to hit the sack immediately after. I’d most likely wear it to sleep the next time I use the mask. Although I should also probably reduce my time in front of various digital screens whenever I can too, plus sleep more!

I even received compliments about looking fresh this morning, possibly because my eyes are so rested.

MegRhythm is available in selected Watsons and SM Dept. Stores, which is convenient since I plan on using this more frequently to relieve tension in my eyes.

Follow @megrhythmph on Instagram for more details about the product!

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