EB Matte Lipstick (bullet) Lip Swatches – Part 1

This is a continuation post from my previous photo blog featuring arm swatches of all 25 shades of the EB Matte Lipstick (bullet) collection.

This entry will simply include Lip swatches of the top layer of the arm swatches photo below.

All the EB Matte lipsticks have the same formulation – creamy matte. They are light weight, non drying, and glide smoothly on the lips. The only two shades that tugged a little bit were Viva and Magenta, which is because of the brightness of the shade, as you’ll notice on the lip swatch photos.

The swatches have some shine because I applied Ever Bilena Sunflower Oil on my lips as primer and also used the same product for removing the lip color whenever I switched to the next shade for swatching. But actual swatch on the lips sets to matte once the product has settled on the lips.

EB Matte Lipstick in Vivid VioletEB Matte Lipstick in Posh PlumEB Matte Lipstick in Pink Flame

EB Matte Lipstick in Off Beat PinkEB Matte Lipstick in VivaEB Matte Lipstick in MagentaEB Matte Lipstick in MauveyEB Matte Lipstick in SiennasEB Matte Lipstick in SkinEB Matte Lipstick in Sexy NudeEB Matte Lipstick in Mirrored MochaEB Matte Lipstick in PortEB Matte Lipstick in Toast of New York

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