Complete EB Matte Lipstick (Bullet) Arm Swatch

I did a complete arm swatch of all 25 shades of Ever Bilena’s Matte Lipstick (bullet) collection. I didn’t realize how many shades were actually carried already.

For browns and neutrals, my favourites are in the shades: Sexy Nude, Mirrored Mocha, Port, Toast of New York, Mauvey and Dusk.

I’m not too fond of pinks, but my go to would be Pink Flame or Off Beat Pink.

For the reds, I love myself some brick and vampy hues, so Storm, Vogue Diva, and Fierce Red are for me! I’m not too into bright reds, but when the occasion calls for it, Love That Red would be the classic.

For berry undertones, Posh Plum is a nice hot pink, while Rouge Berry definitely gives off that dark and fierce vibe – great for Oriental skin tones who want to experiment with deep burgundy lip color.

See photos of swatches below!

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