Kris Aquino is for-Ever Bilena (How it Happened)

Beyond the overwhelmingly positive feedback to Kris Aquino’s enlistment as Ever Bilena’s newest brand endorser, the most frequently asked question we get is: “How did you meet Kris?” Like, how did the contract ever even come about? Truth be told, I have never met a celebrity endorser that operated with so much initiative, nor sealed the deal this quick!

A post shared by Denice Sy β™• (@denicesy) on Our camp first met with Kris Aquino last January 9 at Rockwell in Makati. It was a casual getting-to-know dinner set up by our marketing team with the help of renowned make-up artist, RB Chanco, who also frequently does the MUA-work for our various brand campaigns.

A post shared by KRIS AQUINO (@krisaquino) on In fact, it was at one of our shoots in December 2017 that the opportunity with Kris was brought up. RB had praised some of our newest products that were still under development, and said the was sure Kris would love to try them! The marketing team requested if we could send some items her way. Kris in return, responded, “Yun lang?Β The discussion to explore something larger was therefore placed on the table.

I was not present during the initial meeting, however my dad, Dioceldo Sy, and Uncle Silliman Sy, were there. According to my dad, he was immediately impressed by Kris, because apparently, she had purchased a wide variety of Ever Bilena products across all categories, and road-tested them prior to meeting with the team.

Kris Aquino was also exactly how she was on TV: vibrant, authentic, and intelligent. She knew all the questions to ask, did her own research on the brand and the color cosmetics industry, and learned the backgrounds of the management behind Ever Bilena in one sit down. Kris also put my dad in the hot seat, interviewing him about his family relationships and love life! (Haha! I’d actually be more surprised if she didn’t.)

A post shared by Denice Sy β™• (@denicesy) on We met again just eight days later at Kris Aquino’s humble abode, this time I came along. Kris’s company (KCAP) had hashed out fine details involving an endorsement contract with Kris by then, truly super efficient! We brainstormed our next steps over dinner, planning the press launch venue, to the first ever webisode Kris wanted to do as an orientation to Ever Bilena, and really breaking down the nitty-gritties for the next thirty-six months of our partnership together. This includes the product development for her #LifeKit collection by Ever Bilena (which at the time we had not planned to share to the media until we eventually divulged it anyway halfway through her press launch).

A post shared by Denice Sy β™• (@denicesy) on After ten days, Kris Aquino’s press conference finally happened at a ballroom in EDSA Shang Hotel, dressed up beautifully with jumbo pink and heart shaped balloons by BLLOONs. Who would have known less than twenty days from the first meeting, we would already be launching Kris Aquino as part of Ever Bilena! Undoubtedly, I am convinced this as one of the biggest milestones of Ever Bilena as a brand so far, and the our best marketing decision yet.

A post shared by Denice Sy β™• (@denicesy) on Look up the hashtag #KrisAquinoLovesEverBilena for other updates on her engagement with Ever Bilena.

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