The Smile Bar in Uptown, BGC

I have tried teeth whitening once with a dental clinic in the past. The results were great, however the experience was expensive, plus the feeling on my teeth afterwards was not the most ideal. My teeth felt brittle – although it was not – because of its sensitive reaction to the whitening process.

One of my best friends recommended that I tried The Smile Bar back when it first opened in 2017. I never had the time to visit until last week. So this post is written almost exactly seven days after I tried their triple whitening service.

The Smile Bar’s triple whitening treatment is only P6,499, extremely cheaper in comparison to its dental clinic counterpart at P25,000 on average. The whole experience was also not at all intimidating!

Upon entering The Smile Bar, you will see four egg-shaped chairs. They look super clean, modern, and chic – I was immediately excited to take my seat and begin the whole procedure! But before that, I had to check my initial tooth color to better appreciate the before-and-after effects of their treatment.

The lady assisting me then brought me to the sink to quickly brush my teeth and gargle with their special stain removal mouthwash from the brand Brilliant Smile.

I was also asked to wipe saliva off my front teeth with their dental cleanser so my teeth can absorb the black gel they were squeezing onto the mouth piece.

They made sure I was resting comfortably prior to beginning the procedure, and even provided me with a headset and iPad to watch iFlix on.

The triple whitening service involved three 20-minute laser treatments with about five minute breaks in between. During the intermissions, I was asked to rinse off the black gel with water.

According to the Smile Bar, a little pain or hypersensitivity might occur during the initial 30 seconds of each whitening interval, but I never felt any. I also did not realize the time, because I was so engulfed with the iFlix show I was watching. Apparently, 90 minutes had passed by the time they suggested I reviewed my results!

I started with S26 in the photo above, and had ten-shades whiter teeth at S16 in just an hour and a half!

The Smile Bar ladies were also very accommodating, checking up on me every now and then to make sure I was okay. They gave me Vitamin E cotton buds to rehydrate my lips, and a soft bristle toothbrush for me to use for the 14 days to avoid hurting my gums. I forgot about this and used my hard electronic brush the first night. My gums bled. Correcting my routine with The Smile Bar’s soft bristle toothbrush addressed this abruptly though.

In today’s modern landscape, you hear a lot about disruptors in the industry. The Smile Bar is definitely a disruptor in the dental community, and I highly recommend my readers, friends and loved ones to try them out!

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