EB Matte Lipstick – Pink Shades

The EB Matte Lipstick collection under Ever Bilena is well known for its brown, nude, and red lipstick shades. But not many are aware that the brand also carry four beautiful pinks, ranging from rosy to lighter and brighter hues.


Top to bottom: Pink Flame, Off Beat Pink, Viva, Magenta

Much like the other lipstick shades in the EB Matte Lipstick family, these pinks are infused with Vitamin E, resulting therefore to a moisturizing matte finish. As can be seen in the hand swatch below, pigmentation is immediately apparent after just one to two swipes.

Top (L-R) Pink Flame, Off Beat Pink Bottom (L-R) Viva, Magenta

On the lips however, Viva tugged a little bit. Super to easy to fix though, by simply applying lip balm beforehand.

The most wearable for me is the shade in Pink Flame which I feel brings out a natural pink appearance on my lips. Off Beat Pink is more on the pastel side, while Viva and Magenta already lean towards a punchy pink, albeit not too neon.

Clockwise from top left: Pink Flame, Off Beat Pink, Magenta, Viva

Regardless, true to any beauty enthusiast, one can easily mix and match these lippies to produce more pink options. These lipsticks are only Php 165 in leading retail outlets nationwide!


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