Ever Bilena’s Newest Mascara: EB Volume Curl

The Ever Bilena Volume Curl is part of a four-piece Curl series collection, consisting of the Super Curl, Lash Curl, and Power Curl. So far, only the EB Volume Curl (Php 150) and EB Power Curl (Php 205) have been released in retail stores!

The EB Volume Curl has 10ml worth of content. It is made in Taiwan and paraben-free! According to the product packaging, it is “an intense, black volumizing and water-resistant mascara that creates full body high-volume lashes in a single-stroke. Its unique brush reaches and beautifully lengthens even the tiniest of lashes.”

Unique, jumbo sized mascara bristle

The mascara has a black tube with metallic magenta plastic cap. It has a huge, jumbo sized mascara bristle, making it super easy to lengthen and volumize lashes. One application immediately thickened my lashes. But because the brush is so large and my lashes are not that long in the first place, I was careful to avoid smudging my eyelids with the bristle.

Without using an eyelash curler, the difference in the blackness and thickness of my lashes was immediately evident!

Before: My natural lashes, no mascara.
After: Two to three coats of EB Volume Curl (Php 150)

The mascara feels light on the lashes. Despite putting on 2-3 coats and with visibly longer and firmer lashes, it’s like I have no mascara on.

The product is immensely difficult to take off. It is  highly water resistant, but not completely waterproof. It smudged a bit when I struggled to take it off after a full day out, but was finally able to remove it using the EB Naturals Sunflower Oil and a cotton bud.

Me without mascara or any make up.
Wearing only EB Contour Duo and EB Volume Curl Mascara

This kind of quality and formulation would undoubtedly be more expensive with other brands; such a steal at only Php 150!


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