Careline GO Mascaras Coming Soon

In line with Careline’s rebranding efforts to be associated more with innovation and trends comes the newest Careline GO Mascaras.

The line is waterproof and consists of two variants: the Careline Go Big Mascara and the Careline Go Long Mascara.

The Go Big Mascara (volumizing) has a unique bristle shape. The double helix type brush is a literal twist to the typical mascara wand. It collects just enough ink to add volume to the lashes!

The Go Long Mascara (lengthening) on the other hand, is your more traditional and typical Christmas tree applicator. The fibers on the bristle enables smooth release of product onto the lashes, resulting to fool-proof longer lashes!

Because the Careline Go Mascara is waterproof, users are advised to apply oil or makeup remover to successfully take off the product.

The newest Careline Go Mascaras will be out soon in leading retail outlets near you!

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