Best Bingsu Ever from Vampire Penguin

I literally just had the best shaved ice dessert ever. Like, EVERRRRR! I’ve tried a lot of bingsu at many different shaved ice places in the Philippines and abroad, but nothing comes close to Vampire Penguin! Although Vampire Penguin is not necessarily Korean as it actually originated in the US.

Cute Vampire Penguin store aesthetics!

Owned by Filipino immigrants to California, they recently opened a branch located on the top floor of Ayala the 30th in Ortigas. When my friend recommended Vampire Penguin to me, I did not really expect much. Because I’ve tasted highly rated bingsu restaurants in the past such as Hobing in the same mall, Ikigai Kakigori in Il Terazzo, and K Bingsu in San Juan; Mango Yummy and Snowy Village in Richmond, Canada; and even Hanbing, Echigoya and Nakamura Tokichi in Hong Kong. 

Vampire Penguin though, is really so different and so mindblowingly good! Usually when I order shaved ice desserts, my common peeves are that (1) the texture of the shaved ice isn’t fine; (2) the flavor is only strong where the toppings touch, but it eventually just tastes like ice towards the bottom layers of ice; (3) the bingsu might be rich in taste, but I feel sated just from a couple spoonfuls.

Vampire Penguin was the complete opposite of all the above! Vampire Penguin has a lot of different offerings from hot food, to pancake balls, milk tea, among others. Since it was my first visit, I settled for their two best selling shaved desserts.

I ordered the Mango Cheesecake (the Strawberry Cheesecake is their top item, but they had run out of strawberries when I went) and The Jillian.

Just staring at them already makes me drool!

The Mango Cheesecake is basically Mango & Vanilla shaved snow with crushed graham crackers, mangoes, white chocolate sauce, mango sauce, and condensed milk.

Mango Graham Cheesecake (Php 280)

The snow melts in your mouth with unwavering flavor. I initially thought it would be too sweet for me, but it wasn’t. I’m excited to come back to try the variant in Strawberry next time!

Look at that rich color on The Jillian!

The Jillian, on the other hand, was such an interesting colorful fusion to me! The first layer is Matcha flavored shaved ice, and the bottom orange-colored layer is Thai tea flavored, topped with crushed Oreos and condensed milk.

The Jillian (Php 220)

Who knew the two flavors would mesh so well? The smoothness and richness of it made me feel like I wasn’t eating shaved ice, which made Vampire Penguin’s dessert even more out of this world for me.

I do not know why Vampire Penguin is not on many people’s radar when it comes to good shaved ice or bingsu, but I am definitely, definitely returning for more! I’d never have imagined I would discover my BEST SHAVED SNOW EVER in the Philippines!

Vampire Penguin is located on the 3/F Ayala Malls The 30th, Meralco Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila. Phone no: +639178926422

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