Matte EB Advance Supreme Lipstick Lip Swatches

Among the current twenty EB Advance Supreme Lipstick shades, ten are in matte finish. The other half are Creme, which you can read more about here.

The matte formulation is nondrying and glides swiftly on the lips. It actually has stronger opacity than the classic Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick collection. When the lipstick is brand new, it will take a couple swipes before it fully colors the lips. But the pigment is perfect once the lipstick has warmed up. The darker shades tend to have longer staying power.

I’ve swatched all ten Matte colors on this post and listed them down according to my top favorites to the least!

1. Dusky Rose

Ahhhh, I am so in love with Dusky Rose! I even use this as an eye shadow stick! It actually appears darker on me than on others. It has a brown taupe color that is the trend these days! Dusky Rose is one of the four neutral shades launched last July 2016 alongside Brigitte, Kylie, and Mink Mauve.

2. Mink Mauve

Mink Mauve is comparable to the widely popular EB Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick in the shade Cashmere Blush, but mauvier, which I adore! This also works well as an MLBB shade for those into neutral pinks!

3. Velvet Femme

This bold metallic matte lipstick makes me feel more confident whenever I wear it, regardless of what I’m going through. It’s my pick me upper shade, and I don’t know why!

4. Amethyst Rose

Amethyst Rose is the darkest color in the EB Advance Supreme Lipstick line. It has a vampy sangria color that complements morena and lighter skin tones alike.

5. Red Twilight

This is my default red matte lipstick. This is a dark cherry red color that stains long on my lips. I can go on the whole day without reapplication.

6. Hot Chic

Hot Chic just may be your classic crimson red, and the matte version of Marilyn. It has blue undertones and is a must-have for any red lipstick loving individual!

7. Hot Pink

Hot Pink is literally hot pink! It is a deep pink that is just right, not pale and not too bold.

8. Summer Berry

I am told that Summer Berry has a stronger color saturation on me than on others. You may want to try it yourself and not rely completely on my lip swatch. Nevertheless, it is a wearable color and the pinker matte version of Audrey in my opinion.

9. Cosmo Pink

Please ignore my chapped lips, must be from all the lip swatching! Cosmo Pink is a vibrant bubblegum color that I am not too keen on wearing on the daily. Since I tend to have dry lips, the shade also negatively emphasizes all the peeling. If I had smoother lips, I wouldn’t mind using Cosmo Pink more often.

10. Pink Punch

This shade was one of my top picks before, but I guess I have grown tired for bright bold lip color. Pink Punch has a liquid lipstick counterpart under the Careline Liquid Lippie line in Strawberry Smoothie. Just like all other Supreme Lipstick shades, this feels very light on the lips, despite having heavy pigmentation and opaqueness. However, this was the only shade that tugged a little bit on the lips for me.

The EB Advance Supreme Lipstick is only P200 each, and is on sale for at P165 until July 31, 2017 in selected retail outlets nationwide!

Top (Matte) Left to right: Red Twilight, Amethyst Rose, Velvet Femme, Summer Berry, Hot Pink, Pink Punch, Mink Mauve, Hot Chic, Cosmo Pink, Dusky Rose

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