Creme EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks Lip Swatches

There are currently ten Creme lipstick shades under the EB Advance Supreme Lipstick collection. Two are purples, two brownish nudes, and the rest are a mix of bright and bold pinks and reds! The matte line consists of the same color portfolio, read more about the matte collection here.

As you may notice, the Creme ones are named after legendary women who have shaped the world in the past to present day. These creme shades are all very pigmented, and apply really smoothly on the lips specifically because of its finish. The Creme formula is semi-matte, with some shine but not at all glossy. It is very moisturizing and can be put on the lips on its own without lip balm.

This post will summarize the different Creme colors carried under the Supreme Lipstick line sorted according to my personal preference!

1. Kylie

If you know the shade EB Matte Lipstick in Siennas, this is basically it but in slightly browner Creme formulation! I love this shade because it is not intimidating at all, and is very convenient for any occasion. I’ve already used up three tubes!

2. Brigitte

Brigitte can seem more orange on some, but it’s a very peachy salmon on me. I wear this either on its own, or as primer for when I put on Matte lipsticks. It is also easy to mix with other shades for a more neutralized color.

3. Naomi

This is the Creme counterpart of the Supreme Lipstick in Velvet Femme (Matte). It has slight metallic finish, which brightens this bold blue-violet lip color.

4. Jackie-O

In my opinion, Jackie-O is borderline pink and plum. Since I’m acidic, it actually turns light aubergine on me overtime. It’s a good raspberry pink shade to start with for those who want to explore purple shades but hesitant to give up the more common pink hues.

5. Twiggy

Twiggy is as MLBB as it can be! It’s a sweet thulian pink that doesn’t look pale on the lips.

6. Marilyn

Marilyn is your blood red lip color, probably named after Marilyn Monroe’s iconic red lipstick.

7. Elizabeth

I’m not too into bright reds, but this crimson red in the shade Elizabeth is acceptable for me. I also appreciate that it doesn’t make my teeth appear discolored when worn.

8. Tyra

This is like a boysenberry plum, and the Creme version of EB Advance Supreme Lipstick in Amethyst Rose. I keep the rest of my makeup light to not look too feisty when I wear Tyra.

9. Audrey

Audrey is a basic red that feels very light, and appears as though it has just tinted the lips.

10. Venus

Venus is akin to Audrey but with a more coral hue.

The EB Advance Supreme Lipstick is only P200 each, and is on sale for at P165 until July 31, 2017 in selected retail outlets nationwide!

Bottom (Creme) Left to right: Naomi, Tyra, Kylie, Twiggy, Jackie O, Marilyn, Venus, Audrey, Elizabeth, Brigitte



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