Complete EB Advance Supreme Lipstick Swatches

The Advance Supreme Lipsticks are the first lipstick collection under Ever Bilena’s sub-brand EB Advance. It currently consists of twenty shades, half with creme finish and half matte. The initial collection launched in 2015 had twelve mostly red and pink shades, but have since expanded to nudes and purples.

My Advance Supreme Lipstick collection with four buffers of my favorite lip colors.

The Supreme Lipstick comes in a chic white plastic tube similar to MAC. The packaging is sturdy, and the cap closes securely to the body.

Top swatches are matte, bottom are creme.

Top (Matte) Left to right: Red Twilight, Amethyst Rose, Velvet Femme, Summer Berry, Hot Pink, Pink Punch, Mink Mauve, Hot Chic, Cosmo Pink, Dusky Rose

Bottom (Creme) Left to right: Naomi, Tyra, Kylie, Twiggy, Jackie O, Marilyn, Venus, Audrey, Elizabeth, Brigitte

All the lipsticks are very opaque, but with varying staying power, this depends mostly on the heaviness of the lip color. The matte and darker shades tend to stain the lips longer than the lighter and creme texture colors.

The matte formulation is nondrying and glides swiftly on the lips. It actually has stronger opacity than the classic Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick collection. When the lipstick is brand new, it will take a couple swipes before it fully colors the lips. But the pigment is perfect once the lipstick has warmed up.

The creme shades are very pigmented as well. They apply more smoothly to the lips specifically because of its finish. The formula is semi-matte, with some shine but not at all glossy. It is very moisturizing and can be put on the lips on its own without lip balm.

The original scent is comparable to blueberry fragrance, but the recent releases smell more like vanilla.

I’ve compiled a complete lip swatch of all shades currently carried under EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks for Creme (click here) and Matte (click here) and their corresponding color descriptions.

The Supreme Lipstick retails for P200 nationwide, but is only P165 in selected retail outlets until July 31, 2017!


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