What Went on at Ever Bilena Bold Beauty

Ever Bilena’s Bold Beauty blogger event was held at White Space Makati and is essentially what the name implies, a blogger get together that celebrated the different bold looks that one could achieve with Ever Bilena Cosmetics. So the program, which was co-organized by Project Vanity, basically revolved around that.

The flow of the event can be broken down into three parts: Pick, Play, Shoot.


Upon entering the venue, attendees register at a reception desk where they choose one from the eight available bold beauty looks to replicate or make their own, then pick up corresponding designated make up products. I went for 90’s Beauties, which involved the EB All Day Eyeliner Pen, EB Luxe Lipstick in Diva, EB Color Pencil in Brown, and EB Eyeshadow Palette in Brown.

Swatching area, which is also where we pick up the make up look product checklist!
After picking the look and receiving the make up to execute it, it’s off to play at the make up dresser tables. Each area was equipped with a lighted mirror, paddle brushes, wooden powder brushes, and liquid and powder foundation products. Since EB Bold Beauty is an afternoon event, some still had somewhere to go to afterwards. Thus, we had free hand to go as day-friendly to as avant garde as desired.

The make up stations with the different bold beauty make up looks plastered on the walls.
Super busy make up dresser stations with their bold beauty pegs!

After completing the make up looks, guests can line up to have our photos taken by professional photographer, Hub Pacheco. The high resolution portrait photos can be transferred immediately via AirDrop or ShareIt.

My sister went with me, and she replicated the Igari look.
Aside from the main activity of Pick, Play, and Shoot though, one of the most anticipated portion of the event is the sneak peek preview of Ever Bilena’s newest products under development for release later part of this year.

These include the Ever Bilena Liquid Lipstick (six matte finish shades), EB Matte Liquid Lipstick (liquid format of the widely distributed classic EB Matte lipsticks), Ever Bilena Curl mascara series, EB All Day Brow Liner Pen, and of course, the EB Advance Glow Out Highlighter.

This EB Liquid Lipstick line is limited edition and developed for one time run only. Shades from left to right are: Thalia, Serena, Aphrodite, Iris, Aura, and Juno.
11 out of twelve EB Matte Liquid Lipstick shades
Arm swatches from Top to Bottom or Right to Left: Vivid Violet, Mauvey, Sexy Nude, Toast of New York, Dusk, Vamp Red, Rouge Berry, Fierce Red, Vogue Diva, Pink Flame, and Love That Red.
The EB Matte Liquid Lipstick collection recreated some of its top selling EB Matte lipstick shades into liquid format. There is only one shade in this line that has not yet been introduced in the market, namely Rouge Berry.

All four mascaras are waterproof with distinct mascara bristles.
Among the four mascara variants, the EB Volume Curl and EB Power Curl are slated to arrive earlier, while EB Super Curl and EB Lash Curl are still early in product development.

EB All Day Brow Pen
If you’ve seen the EB All Day Eyeliner Pen, these two brow pens are part of the All Day collection. They are also smudge proof and have the same luxe felt tip applicator. Except the ink discharge, however, is less opaque as expected for eyebrow products, which is meant to tint and not necessarily paint over.

EB Advance Glow Out Lighter in Candle Light and Strobe.
Swatches of the EB Advance Glow Out Highlighters. Pigment and finish are LIT! Photo by Ailene Camino

Finally, the product everyone is most stoked for, and as of this writing, has been shared multiple times on my social media accounts, the EB Advance Glow Out Highlighter. These are extremely, extremely, pigmented. One stroke leaves immense opacity! The shade in Strobe is more friendly and natural on my face, but Candlelight should look perfectly on darker skinned make up users!

Online influencer, Nicole Syjuco vlogs about the EB Advance Glow Out Highlighters.
Over 80 Bloggers, Makeup Artists, and Media partners came in and out throughout the program. The crowd was ultimately what made EB Bold Beauty such a success! Scroll down for more photos.

Being interviewed by Solar TV about EB Bold Beauty
Vlogger and MUA, Angela Yeo (@beautylista)
Marlyn Ocampo slays the Bold Beauty “Color Switch” look!
Beautiful Nicole Syjuco (@nicolesyjuco) and Liz Lanuzo (@lizlanuzo) of Project Vanity (@projectvanitycom)
One of my most trusted bloggers on any subject, Martha Sta. Barbara (@thebeautyjunkee)
With my new found friend, ever beautiful Crisha Uy (@CrishaUy)
Helen Payawal (@helenonfleek) and Jessica Godinez (@jessicainyourhead) in the house.
Say Tioco (@saytioco), Jessica Godinez, Joyce Sola (@joyceesola), and I


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