This Waterproof Mascara Curls Top and Bottom Lashes

No one likes mascaras that smudge or fall! And even though a product is waterproof, it doesn’t always make it easy to curl out the bottom lashes. The new Ever Bilena Advance Lash Define Waterproof Mascara is less than P250 in Philippine Peso (or less than $5.00 in USD) has two parts for volumizing both upper and lower lashes perfectly.

The EB Advance Lash Define Mascara comes shrink wrapped inside a piece box container. The actual packaging of the mascara is sturdy and the design is similar to the Urban Decay’s Subversion Mascara; albeit, different functionality.

EB Advance Lash Define Mascara

The mascara has a PAO (period after opening) of six months, which is typical for dip type eye products. But has a life span of three years from date of manufacture to expiry. 
The Lash Define mascara has two applicators, a tiny brush (so fine, you could mistake it for silicone material) on one end, and a thick bristle on the other.

This mascara has dual brushes with their respective waterproof ink tubes

The tiny mascara is meant for bottom lashes. It has 3ml worth of product. Comb your lower lashes gently with the the wand, just enough to lengthen it and paint it black without staining your under eye.

Aside from its intended purpose, I love using this for my eyebrows. I brush it on to add a tint of color and comb my eyebrow hair. Unless you’re into light brown colored brows, this works nicely on its own or on top of plainly drawn out brows.

Super fine mini bristles for the bottom lashes

It also has a main eyelash mascara applicator which are for the top lashes with 8.5ml of black waterproof ink. I don’t like using an eyelash curler, and this bristle can do the job of curling and thickening without it!

Simply wiggle the wand on your lashes horizontally in a zigzag motion up so the waterproof formula can hold the curl better without clumping. Three to four coats already hold my lashes up completely.

Top lashes mascara wand

Since my lashes are not very long, and I already mentioned disliking eyelash curlers (something about folding my lashes with a device just doesn’t feel right), I use the tiny wand to initially pull up my lashes to lengthen, then curl it up with the big bristle.

The only downside to note about the Lash Define Mascara is that it takes a little bit before the formula dries completely. So I advise to keep your eyes closed until it sets, which is also when it becomes waterproof.

On the other hand, if ever you do smudge on accident while the product is still wet, this is easy to wipe off using a cotton bud; with or without make up remover.

Regardless, it’s a very good product with a sophisticated appeal. It’s a 2-in-1 waterproof mascara that enhances the lashes at a very affordable price! It’s the only mascara I have in my bag, and what convinced me to start wearing mascara. The Ever Bilena Advance Lash Define Mascara is available in all leading retail outlets nationwide!


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