How I Do Lip Swatches

Ever tried lip swatching and ending up with dried up, flaky lips? I always used to apply lipstick directly on my lips and then erase it with make up remover. But this isn’t the most convenient way, and is not always the most accurate effort to achieve the true lipstick color. So I’m sharing the easy process I use for swatching lipstick without hurting my lips and tugging so hard on the skin surrounding it.

Step 1 – Apply concealer on your lips.
I am using the EB Advance Studio Finish Foundation in Creme on my lips. It is a heavy coverage stick foundation, so it works just as well as a concealer. Of course, feel free to explore any type of concealer. Whether it’s a stick type, cream, or liquid formulation, it should do the job.

Applying concealer prior to lipstick does not only enable representation of the true lip color, but also avoids lipstick staining your lips, which can (1) take slightly longer to remove; and (2) affect the color of the lipstick you are swatching next if not lifted properly.

Make sure you don’t glide on too much concealer though, as a thick layer could mix with the lipstick, impacting the final output that is not reflective of the true color, and instead a color combination blended with the concealer. 

It should be just enough so the lipstick doesn’t tint through directly at your lips, and that it does not get affected by the natural color of your lips.

Step 2 – Swatch the lip color.
I am wearing Careline Matte Liquid Lippie in Chocolate Cherry for this example.

Step 3 – Remove lipstick.

Any makeup remover will do. I used the EB Advance White Purity Brightening Dual Phase Cleanser, which works just as well as make up remover. Depending on the opacity of the lip color, you’d need about two to four cotton pads before it comes off. Sunflower oil or milk cleanser applied only in area you want to life make up are good options as well.

Step 4 – Repeat process beginning with Step 1. (Until you’ve swatched all the lipsticks that you want in that seating)

Aside from the lips, also put on concealer on the edges of your lips, including other parts surrounding it you might have smudged some lipstick on while removing the last swatch.
No more rough lips or marks of swiping and tugging with this quick hack! How do you do your lip swatches?

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