EB Matte Lipstick – Browns and Nudes

A few days ago, I wrote a blog entry about the Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Berry shades. In response to the positive feedback in readership traffic, here’s another one about the popular local matte lipstick line in browns and nudes; which is what we all love wearing these days!

As mentioned in my first article on the berry shades, the browns and nudes that I will be listing here reflect my opinion of the colors’ categorization and not representative of an official segmentation by Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc as a company.

An abundance of neutral EB Matte colors

Within the total EB Matte collection, I broke it down to nine shades which I included in this post. Some of these are on the redder and pinker side, but I felt still fell within the spectrum that I counted as neutral tones.

EB Matte lipsticks I thought fell under the browns and nudes category
The shades include I am featuring consist of Dusk, Storm, Port, Siennas, Toast of New York, Mirrored Mocha, Skin, Sexy Nude, and Mauvey. I bet you didn’t know EB Matte Lipstick had that many shades, let alone this many variants in the browns and nudes hue.

Swatches of the nine neutral toned EB Matte lipsticks
Dusk is a really dark brick brown color with reddish undertone. It has a stronger red effect when I wear it on its own without concealer, but a very dark brown when I put foundation on my lips prior to application.

Storm is the reddest among the nine shades I have selected for this browns and nudes review. Albeit red, it has an rusty brick appearance to it that is not bright, and adaptably blends with the natural color of my lips.

Port has been around since 2011, but it was phased out just a couple years after its launch along with Skin and Mirrored Mocha. They were reintroduced in March this year. Port is like a burnt umber color that floats along the lines of either pale red or orange. It’s the perfect for any day!

Siennas follows a terra cotta tinge, it’s a mix of pink and brown with some coral feel to it. You can’t find a more befitting MLBB than this!

Toast of New York has a red sepia color that’s more on the brown side. It’s the first shade to really pick up when the brown lip trend became fashionable.

Mirrored Mocha is like a coffee brown, darker version of Siennas. Basically, without the peachy tint. Like chestnut, but without gray undertones.

Skin is precisely like skin. It’s comparable to slightly gray desert sand. It looks a little bit pawn on me, so I tend to combine it with other browns on the list or use it as contour for a more wearable result.

Sexy Nude was released July 2016 of last year alongside two EB Matte Lipstick shades I grouped under berry shades, namely Vogue Diva and Posh Plum. Sexy Nude is pretty much an apricot salmon color. It probably complements individuals with lighter complexion more.

Mauvey‘s khaki pink nature could enable it to pull off being more pink. However, I found it more on the nudes side because of its faint taupiness. It’s one of my favorites from the EB Matte line because it’s nude as neutrals can be!

Similar to my conclusion in my blog about EB Matte Berry shades, longevity is good and are affordable at the price of P165.00 per piece. It leaves behind a stain once color has faded hours after initial application. Scent isn’t bothersome and sells like enticing vanilla. All have creamy matte formula that are smooth and nondrying; gliding on the lipstick is very swift! The product is also widely distributed, and easily accessible at any leading retail outlet in the country.

Each shade is flattering in their own way, you just have to test them yourself to see which one would enhance your confidence and overall appearance most! This, of course, varies depending on our skin tones and distinctive make up styles and preferences. Regardless, at the end of the day, wearing what makes you feel good is all that matters!

Which one of these EB Matte lipsticks in browns and nudes would you go for?


  1. I love ever bilena. From make up, maskara, eyeliner, lipsticks and brushes. So good. Very comfortable in my face. It is not rough, itchy or something than can destroy my look/face. So im always be an ever bilena user(EB). 😘😘❤❤


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