Careline Liquid Lippie Swatches

Whereas liquid lipsticks were not even an item anyone would ever consider three years ago, the emergence of young western brands like Colour Pop and Kylie Cosmetics has made it a make up essential. And now everyone wants a liquid lipstick in their make up kits!

Gone are the days when liquid lipsticks immediately translated to tacky pigment that either made a mess or stickily stuck on the lips. Far from it, actually. Nowadays, brands have innovated so much that we have satin to velvety opaque lip colors that do not only look good, but comfortably stay on the lips for prolonged hours as well! And this was the experience I received with the newest liquid lipstick line from Careline Cosmetics.

All six shades under Careline Liquid Lippie line
Careline’s Liquid Lippie collection comes in six shades that have mousse texture when first applied on the lips. Though glossy at first swatch, its final appearance is super matte, actually even powdery finish when dried completely. It comes in a tube with 3.2ml worth of content and a doe foot applicator.

Tube container and doe foot applicator
Something to keep in mind with Careline’s liquid lippies is that the product takes awhile to dry; mine took three to four minutes. Though it takes about half an hour before it completely sets to intensely matte finish and becomes transfer proof. To expedite drying process, I simply blot with tissue, and it turns matte immediately. Since it leaves a tint, it doesn’t affect long staying power anyway.

Top to bottom: Strawberry Smoothie, Tutti Frutti, Chocolate Cherry, Maple, Dragon Fruit, and Apple Pie

I tried on all six colors and although the formulations for all shades consist of the exact same ingredients, there were evident differences amongst the darker and lighter variants. As usual, the stronger colors (deep and bright)—Chocolate Cherry, Dragon Fruit, Apple Pie, Tutti Frutti, Strawberry Smoothie—had lengthier longevity and stronger opacity in comparison to the fainter one in Maple.

Eight to twelve hours in, product is still in tact on the lips! Among all, Maple is my favorite color, but is also the only one that faded over time. Regardless, it still left a tint of color, so no worries about lips turning pale with the Careline Liquid Lippie. Chocolate Cherry comes after, I can’t even explain how much confidence this bold lippie gives me. Plus, the stain it leaves on the lips is astonishingly opaque!

I think all colors are pretty wearable for daily occasions except for Strawberry Smoothie and Tutti Frutti which are a little bit too bright for my liking.

Careline Liquid Lippie swatches
Despite the variances in shades, all were very pigmented. One swipe goes a long way! Although Strawberry Smoothie and Tutti Frutti needed another coat before fully staining the lips. Colors were good, I just needed to add a layer over to spread the lipstick across my lips.

The product in general is hydrating and is nondrying on the lips. But since the liquid lippie is very thick, it is important to not put on too much, as well as adding layers once it has already dried, to avoid flakiness.

Careline Liquid Lippie in Apple Pie
Apple Pie looks a little on the orange red side on me in this lighting. However, I’ve seen it more brick red than autumn orange on others. This is most likely because I applied concealer on my lips prior to putting on the lippie.

Careline Liquid Lippie in Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit has a berry undertone to it. It’s a deep pink, purple that does not feel intimidating to wear any day.

Careline Liquid Lippie in Tutti Frutti
Tutti Frutti is a light, bright pink on me. While on my arm swatch, the shade has more of a coral color to it.

Careline Liquid Lippie in Strawberry Smoothie
Strawberry Smoothie is my least favorite shade. It is such a bright neon pink, it reminds me of Nicki Minaj in 2010. It glides on easier on the lips though than when swatched on the arm.

Careline Liquid Lippie in Chocolate Cherry
Chocolate Cherry is second favorite among the six Careline Liquid Lippie shades. For some reason, wearing this simply illuminates my skin. It is powerful, but not threatening.

Careline Liquid Lippie in Maple
Ahhh, Maple! This color just gives me that naturally toned down peachy pink color that brings out youthful glow. I love Maple so much!

The Careline Liquid Lippie only costs $2.50 USD or P125.00 in Philippine Peso. It’s available at Lazada and in leading retail stores nationwide and is extremely affordable for its formulation and quality! Don’t let the colorful packaging steer you away, because you’d be missing out!


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