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8 Ways I Use Sunflower Oil for Self Care

Self care is nothing new especially amongst my age group. In my network at least, everyone is all about being the best version of themselves, whether it be in finding the most effective anti aging products, physical therapy, or regular dietary regimen. I am no different, as you may see from my obsession with skin care and recent adoration of the newest Ever Bilena Advance White Purity line. Nevertheless, I disagree that good skin need be expensive. Thus always advocate for quality products that are affordable, effective, and naturally accessible!

An emerging skin care trend is the use of sunflower oil for beauty. Sunflower oil is literally oil extracted from sunflower seeds, its emollient properties make it an ideal ingredient and go to product for various cosmetic formulations. Sunflower oil does not only do wonders for the face, but also has multiple other purposes that benefit different parts of the body.

A local option for those who are based in Metro Manila and cities without reach of fresh sunflower oil would be the EB Naturals Sunflower Oil ($2.80 or P140.00 for a 60ml bottle in Philippine Peso) available in leading Philippine retail outlets, including Watsons, SM Dept. Stores, SM Supermarkets, Robinsons Dept. Stores, Waltermart, Gaisano chains, among others.

sunflower oil
100% natural sunflower oil!
Here are eight ways I use sunflower oil for self care.

1. Moisturize face

I have very dry skin, so sunflower oil feels like heaven on my face! It has significantly high levels of vitamin E, which is key for keeping skin hydrated. I apply it directly on my face as antioxidant facial oil, and use it as primer before putting on make up so my foundation can spread easily.

I wear it as an overnight mask as well to soak in the nutrients, so that I wake up the next morning with smooth, moisturized skin. I also hope to postpone aging skin by including sunflower oil into my daily skincare regimen.

2. Prevent acne and diminish redness

I pump sunflower oil onto a cotton pad and disperse it across my face to lighten acne marks, and reduce red inflammation of my skin. Aside from vitamin E, sunflower oil consists of A, B, C, D, and Omega-6 fatty acid, which protect the skin. It contains antioxidant minerals, folate acid, and folic acid that regenerate skin cells and fight acne. It is noncomedogenic, so it does not cause white heads or black heads as it does not clog pores.

3. Remove make up

Ironically, the same product I use before putting on make up is the same one I cleanse my face with to lift make up. I massage the sunflower oil into my skin in circular motions. Waterproof products in delicate parts of my face like my eyelids and under eye areas come off really easily without tugging. I simply rinse my face with warm water to wipe off any remaining sunflower oil residue.

4. Reduce appearance of stretch marks

My stretch mark prone areas include upper arms, inner, and outer thighs. I administer sunflower oil as a topical treatment to try to fade out its appearance on my skin. I know stretchmarks will never really go away. But I noticed my stretchmarks become less apparent when I regularly applied sunflower oil excessively and then kneaded it across my marks until I could feel my skin stretch out.

5. Lighten dark spots and fights wrinkles

I follow a similar procedure in lightening dark spots the same way I treat my stretch marks. My knees, elbows, under arms, and bikini areas tend to be darker than other parts of my body, and using sunflower oil religiously has shown tremendous improvement!

Sunflower oil is gentle and helps insulate the collagen of the skin, which makes it perfect for brightening and moisturizing fine lines in my under eyes. I apply it gently using a cotton ball or cotton pad to rub it on my dark circles.

6. Massage oil

I live for massages, and sunflower oil has become my favorite oil of choice! It is light, very absorbent, and leaves a fine texture on the skin. So I don’t need to worry about feeling greasy after a massage. Imagine a full body skin care treatment while relaxing sore knotted muscles. Nothing could be better!

7. Condition scalp and hair

For those who commute, hair cuticle coat is a common beauty staple as it keeps the smooths hair frizzes. Sunflower oil comes in handy in this aspect because it tames flyaway hair while infusing nourishment into dry hair. I only apply this lightly using the palm of my hand along the roots to the ends of my hair before heading out for work. Because as absorptive as sunflower oil can be, no one wants oily looking hair first thing in the morningnot in the Philippine heat!

However, at least once a month I do drench my hair in sunflower oil overnight to thoroughly revitalize my hair and strengthen the strands. My research says it prevents dandruff and thinning. I don’t lose anything by trying, and so far so good! Whereas I used to change shampoos every now and then to keep my scalp flake free, this was no longer the case at present. I spread sunflower oil through my hair then sleep with it to condition my hair completely. Of course, do wash off the oil when taking a shower the next day.

8. Tanning oil

I love myself some vitamin D, but we all know the dangers of being under the sun without protection. The sunflower oil’s vitamin E makes the oil effective in averting skin damage caused by UVA. It enables the glowing, bronzed color I want to achieve from tanning, while maintaining my skin’s natural elasticity. No sunburns, no rashes!

There are definitely even more benefits to using sunflower oil beyond the ways I have mentioned in this blog entry. For example, it is supposed to be able to remove dead skin cells and other impurities if used as a cleanser; its been associated to neutralizing cancer causing chemicals as well. Its multipurpose function make it an ideal product for self and skin care, and I would recommend this product any day. 

If anything, what I found to be bothersome with sunflower oil is the scent the product developed over time after initial opening. This is most likely because the item is fully natural, and does not contain much preservatives. I only recognized the musty smell on my first bottle, but never experienced it again as I often consume an EB Naturals Sunflower Oil within a month’s time due to everyday use.

Sunflower oil is much less costly compared to its premium oil counterparts. It is a great choice for those who are concerned about dry skin, flaky scalp, blemishes and want soothened and lightened skin at a bargain!


  1. I love self-care posts! I recently just posted one on my blog! Great entry! I just stumbled upon your blog today and I’m completely taken in. I love your posts, and I’m looking forward to reading your future content!

    Stop by sometime!
    Mena ✨


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