Behind the Scenes at #TheNewPH Campaign

#TheNewPh is a movement that aims to empower Filipinos to take bold steps that will positively impact the Philippines. Regardless of our political, economic, social, and academic positions, the goal is to inspire people to move forward as one!

This is the third year in a row that One Mega Group (OMG), the company behind the country’s leading fashion magazine, MEGA, is pursuing its #TheNewPh social media campaign in celebration of the upcoming Philippines’ National Independence Day.

The pioneering theme revolved around One Race, One Style, One Vision back in 2015. The backdrop used for the photo campaign was purely dark maroon, while the participants were asked to wear black and military green colors to convey the strong message of solidarity and pride. The movement was so successful that it has been reincorporated in the Mega Magazine Independence Day issues and galas in the years afterwards!

Last year was my first time to participate in #TheNewPh, wherein the mood was much lighter compared to the year before. We were asked to have our photo taken in groups, signifying the importance of teamwork. We could tag along a loved one—person or animal—literally any being that contribute to the commitment of doing more for each other!

So my fiancé, then boyfriend, Jacob, and I brought with us our corgi Pancake! It has always been our personal goal to exist to alleviate or improve the circumstances of our fellow living creatures. Thus, aside from Pancake’s cuteness, our dog aligned with the vision #TheNewPh intended to communicate: to become better for a greater good.

The underlying keynote Mega Magazine wanted to send across was that in Unity, There is Victory. And that no matter where we are coming from as Filipinos, to promise to make a stand for a better, stronger Philippines.

#TheNewPh 2016 Campaign

As we enter into the first week of June 2017, preparation for this year’s #TheNewPh is once again in full blow. As we welcome the transitioning government and modern times, Mega relays the significance of embracing change through love, hope, and courage. This year’s concept was more colorful than previous campaigns, with backdrop options of Red, Yellow, and Blue; representing the three values respectively with which we should accept change.

We had our photos taken on Saturday, June 3, 2017 at OMG’s studio in Eastwood. Photographers, Floyd Jhocson, Ed Simon, and others were among the esteemed artists behind this year’s #TheNewPh project, sponsored by OMEGA watches.

Jacob and I were happy to be involved again, and this time with DPWH’s Chairwoman for the #BuildBuildBuild committee, Anna Mae Lamentillo, and my sister, Dianne Sy with her friend Jonri Isla.

Like usual, official photos will not be released until we publicize them for the first time on Independence Day alongside all other #TheNewPh participants’ materials.

For the meantime, scroll down for our BTS photos to see what went on behind #TheNewPh photoshoot! Make up for the girls were all done by Martin Orosa using only Ever Bilena Cosmetics, and hair by Petchie Ombrosa using Blackwater Women.


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