EB Advance White Purity Review

While skin imperfections like dark spots and blemishes can be covered up by make up, ultimately its proper skin care solutions that will address our skin’s well being in the long run!

Those on a budget, fret not! Popular and widely distributed local brand, Ever Bilena, just launched its first skincare line under its sub brand called the EB Advance White Purity. It launched back in January 2017, but is only gaining mileage recently after EB’s social media handles have started inciting trial.

The product line includes four products; namely the Lightening Milk Cleanser, Lightening Toner, Dual Phase Cleansers in Acne Solution and White Radiance. Each one comes in a handy translucent plastic packaging with 100ml worth of content, and sells for less than $2.00 USD (P95.00 in Philippine Peso) . It has a flip top cap that allows the user to cleanly dispense the skin care product inside.

The newest EB Advance White Purity skin care line from Ever Bilena

I have tried all of them myself and will detail what I think are the differences among the four, aside from the stated functions on the specific variants’ packaging labels. But before that, allow me to share a brief background about my current skin condition.

Growing up in the Philippines, I had oily skin my whole life. This persisted until I moved to the US. Adjusting to Northern California’s cooler weather, my skin became dry. Having been accustomed to facial scrubs and oil control facial washes, those were the only skin care items I was used to. Imagine the harm it did to my skin when I applied products for oily skin to my very dry face!

I did not bother to change my skin care routine even when my skin started peeling. I was in the mindset that this was a normal reaction. I thought this was what it meant to exfoliate! I did not seek a dermatologist until after I noticed cracks and breaks on various parts of my face. It was then when I learned about moisturizers, light cleansers, among others! I had never been introduced to these in the past because I had always only been aware of skin care benefits such as pimple-clearing and oil-control. Nowadays, I know better.

Now that I have returned to the Philippines, my skin has not adapted to the tropical weather. Although I sweat in the heat, my skin remains dryβ€”like really dryβ€”unless I put on facial lotion. With the history of my skin out of the way, here are my comments regarding the following Advance White Purity products!

White Purity Lightening Milk Cleanser

Typically, milk cleansers are lightweight and used as a more gentle form of cleansing. I loved the way my skin felt smoother and softer with the EB Advance Lightening Milk Cleanser. It was also pretty effective for me in removing dirt. I am positive because my cotton pad remained clean when I wiped toner on my face with it afterwards.

Nonetheless, I did realize that removing make up was not as easy when I used this milk cleanser the same way I washed my face; which involved rinsing my face first with lukewarm water before placing a small amount of the milk cleanser in circular motions.

However, I did find that when I put the product on a cotton pad and spread it across my face, it got rid of my make up very quickly! There was no tugging or dragging at sensitive areas around the eyes to take off waterproof liquid liners and mascaras. The process was comfortable and effortless! So there’s a hack for you!

The product has many impressive ingredients as well, and these are a couple that I appreciated most! It contains cetearyl olivate and sorbitan olivate which are a unique natural emulsifier derived from olive oil. It reduces skin water loss, has a high moisturizing effect, and is hypoallergenic.

Niaminacide, which is often the key selling factor for many expensive anti-aging serums, is also an active agent in this milk cleanser. Also known as Vitamin B3, this ingredient on its own already gives you more bang for your buck! As studies have confirmed its ability to correct uneven skin tone, boost immunity of the skin, and produce collagen to minimize wrinkles.

I have been using this milk cleanser everyday since I got my hands on it, and recommend it completely! Though I do have to mention that it has a mild fragrance for those who have a thing against scents.

White Purity Lightening Toner

Toners are best used after cleansing. By dampening cotton pads, the toner can be applied on the face in upward strokes to remove impurities that were not fully washed off by your facial wash.

I love the White Purity Lightening Toner because it cools and refreshes my skin. There was no irritation whatsoever, which I have experienced with other toners in the past! I can visibly see my complexion clarify and brighten, generally making me feel energized and happy.

Like the Lightening Milk Cleanser, this toner is also infused with niaminacide. While I adore this ingredient, another one that I value a lot in the White Purity Lightening Toner is the vitamin tocopheryl acetate (or Vitamin E).

A few months ago, I was diagnosed by my dermatologist with the possibility of rosacea, a skin disease caused by abnormalities in blood flow on the face. Tocopheryl acetate provides beneficial antioxidant effects that helps reduce inflammation and redness (as is the physical manifestation of rosacea). 

My loved ones have already noticed less redness on my nose and cheeks since I began using this toner religiously.

White Purity Acne Solution Dual Phase Cleanser (Green)

Since I am not so prone to pimples, what excited me most about this product was its pore tightening claims. This dual phase cleanser is imbued with glycol and salicylic acid, both are known for unclogging pores that prevent acne.

Glycolic acid cleans the surface of the skin which prevents dead skin cells from permeating into the pore, while salicylic acid loosens the pore which releases trapped oil, grime, and bacteria.

The Acne Solution Dual Phase Cleanser cannot match the effectiveness of pore shrinking prowess of dermatological laser treatments. Nevertheless, my pores were evidently clearer and slightly smaller due to balanced sebum levels and declogging. Regular use should continue excellent results.

White Purity White Radiance Dual Phase Cleanser (Pink)

Similar to the Acne Solution Dual Cleanser, this one in White Radiance has two purposes; lifting make up and dirt from the skin. Its brightening function can be derived mostly from the ingredient niacinamide, which is available in all EB Advance White Purity products except for the Acne Solution Cleanser.

I use the White Radiance during lazy commutes when my skin feels dull and dirty from pollution. In my purview, it serves its dual functions well. But given an option, I would go for the green variant over White Radiance; primarily because I am so conscious with my pores and acknowledge the positive changes from daily application of the Acne Solution.

The verdict? If I were to rank the four according to preference, #1 would be the Lightening Toner, #2 Acne Solution Dual Phase Cleanser, #3 Lightening Milk Cleanser, and #4 White Radiance Dual Phase Cleanser. 

Regardless, all products under the Ever Bilena Advance White Purity line receive two thumbs up from me, and should be a welcome addition to anyone’s skin care regimen. Rarely can you find so many benefits in one product, let alone from something so affordable. For less than P100 a piece, you have everything to gain! 

Get a chance to win your own EB Advance White Purity set. Go to Giveaway Alert: EB Advance White Purity for full mechanics. Promo runs until June 14, 2017 only; limited to Philippines.


  1. I already have the White Purity White Radiance Dual Phase Cleanser and it matches my oily skin. I am using this every night before go to sleep and in the morning after taking a bath, before putting my make up. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. @maricarprado hi miss denicesy gusto ko po matry ito kya sasali po ako sa give away contest mo po. Panu po pla pag ndi complete set ung meron sa isang store ok lng po ba ung kuhanan ng picture or kelangan complete po ung set?


    • Thanks for your interest! Photo doesn’t need to include all four products, it can be any single product under the line for as long as it’s an original photo taken by you. Product you take a photo of to upload can either be your own or it can be a photo you took of the product displayed on the Ever Bilena stall πŸ™‚


  3. gusto ko itry to promise bibili ako. I love everbelena products! πŸ™‚
    ms denice nagpost na po ako sa ig ko ito po
    IG: mijen_daemisummer

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  4. I will definitely continue using eb advance white purity(lightening milk cleanser) because it’s not only removing my makeups but also all dirts in my skin.. And it would help me achieving a perfect and helathy skin.


  5. Thank you po sa reviews Ms. Denice Sy, now I know which one is the most suitable for my face. ☺😍😍😘😘
    I joined the promo too. Here’s my IG acct @norie_heloise


  6. I really love the acne solution dual phase cleanser!! One swipe lng with cotton pad then naerase agad ung makeup ko. Tapos akala ko oily sya sa face kasi prang may oil content ung product pero nashock ako nung nagdry sya wala kong naradamdamng lagkit pra syang nagmatte pero super moisturizing. Napansin ko din na nabrighten nya ung face ko after ko gamitin. Super love this product kaya sumali ako sa giveaway pra matry ko din ung ibang variant πŸ™‚ thanks everbilena for launching these affordable yet effective skincare products ❀

    Ig: @lottieconcha


  7. Pag naubos yung facial cleanser ko ipapalit ko na lang yung dual phase cleanser ng EB. Based po dito sa review niyo Ms. Denice maganda yung effect niya. Ttry ko to. 😍


  8. Hello po.. Wanna try those products. Nagkaka-break-out kasi ako ngayon sa forehead saka sa malapit sa chin. Di ko rin alam bakit. Pa-join po ako sa giveaway nyo ha. IG @zophiecute
    Thank you!


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