EB All Day Eyeliner Pen Review and Swatches

I have always been more of a pencil eyeliner kind of girl. Mostly since eyeliner pencils tend to be more user friendly. I always feel like I have better control with a pencil type versus liquid. Nonetheless, my perception about liquid liners changed instantaneously after trying Ever Bilena’s All Day Eyeliner Pen for only a couple days.

The All Day Eyeliner Pen has a luxe felt tip that glides on smoothly.

The EB All Day Eyeliner Pen has a sturdy black plastic container with 1.5g worth of content. It comes only in the shade black. It has a luxe felt precision tip that makes the product easy to put on. The tip is not completely fine, but is manageable, even without a steady hand. It does the job in letting me draw a flick without being too intimidated and insecure about the process. It emits just the right amount of ink — no drips and oozes, which are what I fear most with liquid liners — allowing for a clean, sleek output!

I love that it does not leak! (L-R) one light stroke; one hard stroke; two hard strokes

The formulation is smooth. I appreciate this because it makes gliding across the eye lid so simple and convenient. Just one swipe of this elicits excellent pigmentation, so there is no need to double, triple coat! Of course, adding a couple layers is necessary for trendy makeup looks, such as the thick winged liner. Nonetheless, if a basic pin up liner is all you want to accentuate the eyes, then apply one stroke and you’re good to go!

The newest eyeliner pen from Ever Bilena is also smudge resistant! I have dry skin, but due to its non-drying formula, it does not flake on me. Not even when I rub my eyes! Upon initial application though, it does dry fast; which is important to me. I have a round crease, so I like that I do not have to keep my eyes closed to wait for it to dry and avoid the eyeliner from transferring to my upper lid.

I’d say this eyeliner is long-wearing. I tested it in two different settings. I noticed when I was indoors with the air-conditioning on, it stayed on me for over 15 hours! This takes into consideration though that I did not have allergic rhinitis that day. Therefore I did not tear up, which would have affected the liquid liner’s staying power.

On the other hand, when I had to be outside and was exposed to Manila’s humid, tropical temperature, the jet black color faded a little bit after 8 hours. This is probably because the All Day Eyeliner Pen is not waterproof, and who wouldn’t sweat in the city’s heat? When this happens, just touch up on the eyeliner.

Overall, the EB All Day Eyeliner Pen will surely be a welcome addition to any makeup enthusiast’s beauty kit! It retails for only $4.00 USD (P200.00 in Philippine Peso). For the quality, you get more than your money’s worth!


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